Florence: The place where you eat best in the world (according to tourists)

We all know the importance of Florence in the world. It is not only the "culla of the Renaissance" city, but also a city rich in history, culture and architecture that many envy.

In recent years, cibo da strada, the so-called street food, with the national and international notoriety of the place called "All'antico Vinaio" can boast extraordinary growth in the sale of Tuscan products.

The Florentine gastronomic scene can be considered a fusion between the old world and modern cuisine: we are talking about culinary innovation. Success is also given by the idea of ​​"farm-to-table" dining; therefore, family-run trattorias recreate that comforting environment called home. Traditional Florentine cuisine is simple and pays attention to high-quality local ingredients.

According to the ranking drawn up by TasteAtlas, an international portal that deals with travel and food, it has established the best cities globally to enjoy local food and Florence is at the top of the podium.

«We combined the average ratings of the best local dishes [...] the average ratings of national dishes [...] and the average Google ratings of the best traditional restaurants in that city». – says TasteAtlas.

For an afternoon snack, it is recommended to try the Schiacciata, a local focaccia often seasoned with olive oil and salt.

The Ribollita, as well as the Florentine steak, are dishes that make the Florentines proud precisely because of the simplicity of the plates.

Being summer you should taste the Panzanella, a fresh dish considered unique. Speaking of dishes to try, we recommend Lampredotto, a staple of Florentine street food, followed by Trippa alla Fiorentina and Peposo, dishes that may not appeal to everyone due to their particular texture.

We look forward to seeing you (eating) in Florence! 🙂

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